Dubai & Cars

Me and my buddies were bored on Thursday and took a one-day-trip to Dubai, mainly for cars *car freaks* =P , it was nice, malal*nothing to do*, then some hyperness,tired,kinda sick, then fun, then kroobness *boring*,
-nice: when we left Oman with music and hopping around
-malal: was a long trip and got lost there a bit
-hyperness: saw exotic cars!
-tired because didnt sleep the whole day *.*
-sick beacuse everyone was fighting on where to go -_-
-fun after seeing the movie *Angels & Demons* and it turned out to be cool !
-kroob because the way back was late at night and i was half-dead O.O!

anyway overall it was good change, here are some pics i took =P :

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  1. G-chan says:

    hehe...nice explanations for each word =P

    The third pic >.< a Mustang?
    It's friggin' smokin' HOT!!

    It's just like that car in Fast and Furious 4! O.O Gorgeous gorgeous car!

  2. cK says:

    its a 2009 dodge challenger SRT :D, the one in F&F 4 is 1971 model xD

  3. G-chan says:

    I knew thaaaat!
    I was just testing you *looks left and right* =P

    Amazing car! Would love to take it for a long drive! <3

  4. Chem_Eng says:

    OMG the CAAARS !!! *faints*

    nice nice ...althu u guys went through several moods .. eventually u had fun :D

    p.s: plz dont post such pics again .. tisabeb 7alaat junoon !!

  5. Charm says:

    The X6 isn't a so bad ride! It looks good on the last picture, mashallah!

  6. cK says:

    G: yea yea you were =P

    Chem eng: well that was my piont of posting it =P

    Charm: its one of my favs!

    thx all :D !

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