Here i am as usual didn't sleep the whole night >.< *typical me* , so i was so tired after trying to doing this endless assignment which i did half of it only, it was about 11 am ! So that was the best time to jump into bed and travel to dream land! As i was about to sleep i hear this buzzing sound over my ear -___- *bzzzz* a mosquito ! it was circling around waiting for me to sleep to get some fresh blood >.< , even though i was exhausted was trying to kill it with the pillow -_-, every time i think its dead i go back to sleep i hear it or see it around -___- did that for more than 4 times! i had enough and sprayed the whole room with PifPaf and slept >.> ! I know its unhealthy but i needed some rest ._. when i think i won the battle, i was sleeping calmy,dreaming,enjoying, i hear my worst nightmare *buzzzz* i woke up and was o.O ! 3 hours passed only and that creature wasnt dead after all my tries of murder -.- ! So i gave up on sleeping that same secound and here i am being defeated by a mosquito who owns my bed now *if not room too* >.> !

2 Response to Mosquitoes

  1. G-chan says:

    hahaha! Sorry couldn't help myself but laugh!

    but I have to say, that must've been HELL!! I hate when flies or mosquitoes do annoying. And hey!! You need to practice on your swatting skills mr.!! all that and the thing didn't die O.O

    about the pifpaf not, I repeat, DO NOT! spray then stay in the room. It's not just unhealthy but dangerous b3d -_______-


  2. cK says:

    yea i guess il need to level up my swatting skills =P , wont do it again the room was so stinky :/

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