This post is mostly for Math geeks =P:

So i was studying all day about maths *sill studying* >.< i decided to take tiny break and check out the net, and honestly i even dont know why i was researching about Math o.O ! and i came out into something that made feel stupid , check it out:

1 + 1 = 1 , dont believe?

Let a = 1 and b = 1.

Therefore a = b, by substitution.

If two numbers are equal, then their squares are equal, too:

a^2 = b^2.

Now subtract b^2 from both sides (if an equation is true, then if
you subtract the same thing from both sides, the result is also
a true equation) so

a^2 - b^2 = 0.

Now the lefthand side of the equation is a form known as "the
difference of two squares" and can be factored into (a-b)*(a+b).
If you don't believe me, then try multiplying it out carefully,
and you will see that it's correct. So:

(a-b)*(a+b) = 0.

Now if you have an equation, you can divide both sides by the same
thing, right? Let's divide by (a-b), so we get:

(a-b)*(a+b) / (a-b) = 0/(a-b).

On the lefthand side, the (a-b)/(a-b) simplifies to 1, right?
and the righthand side simplifies to 0, right? So we get:

1*(a+b) = 0,

and since 1* anything = that same anything, then we have:

(a+b) = 0.

But a = 1 and b = 1, so:

1 + 1 = 0, or 2 = 0.

Now let's divide both sides by 2, and we get:

1 = 0.

Then we add 1 to both sides, and we get:

1 + 1 = 1!

yea i know that was nerdy and lame xD but it made me think o.O maybe what they taught was wrong and this is right ?! =P *this what happens to your brain when you over-study T_T *

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  1. Muggle says:

    lol I think I remember something similar in OS but I can't remember what the comments were :P.
    All I can say is that I actually miss mathematics so much!! I haven't touched it since the 4th of July 2007 :(.

  2. G-chan says:

    You Math geek you! =P

    So this is what happens when you over study! Math is playing tricks with your mind (6)


  3. cK says:

    Muggle - os? i got it from ur teacher 8aysiya =P zaman before seeing it in the net again xD,wow 2 years almost xD

    G - one day wont harm =P

  4. Amjad says:

    There is another simpler way (the one I posted on OS 3 years ago).

    x^2 - x^2 = x^2 - x^2


    On one side, take a common factor of x and on the other side, apply the difference of two squares law.


    x(x-x) = (x-x)*(x+x)

    Now (x-x) cancel out.

    So you end up having x = x+x

    If x = 1, then 1 = 1+1

    if x = 2, then 2 = 2+2

    and so on...

    P.S: Both ways are wrong :)

    Mathematically, this is wrong because you are dividing by zero and you cannot divide by zero. In the way you provided, you divided by a-b while a=b... y3ni you divided by zero and mathematically, you cannot divide anything by zero. In the way I provided, I divided by x-x and that is also zero, and again, you cannot divide by zero.

    This is just trivia, but mathematically it's wrong.

  5. cK says:

    haha amjad your right, most people believed that =P

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