Relaxing Music

Sometimes,especially when your all alone, stressed out *studies, work, friends..*, some music can just make it worse ! Some are relaxing and brings you comfort, mostly makes you sleepy :p but also makes you think out of this world, relieves you, depending on the person and the type of music they like , these are two of my favorite "stress killers" :

enjoy :D !

5 Response to Relaxing Music

  1. G-chan says:

    Beautiful...both songs.
    But the final fantasy one actually makes me sad =P It's just the music that's sad I don't know.
    As for Children (Dream Version), that's my number 1 favorite trance song!! That song is just too good! <3

    Nice taste you got there ;)

  2. cK says:

    Yea the FF one is kinda sad but has it relaxing moments :D , This dream version rocked , thx G

  3. Chem_Eng says:

    the FF soundtrack is just amazing .. nice taste .. thts from an instrumental lover and addict ;)

    salaamz :)

  4. cK says:

    thx :D i loved it too , makes u dream xD even though its sad

  5. Muggle says:

    I looove the first one :D!!

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