Its been a while ! and it isnt because i was busy or out of town, becaue i hadnt access to the net thanx to our fixed line company *yeah right*, a month ago , we moved to live in this other house, i was worried about the net access because everyone was scaring me of : ul need to wait 3 months and all >.> ! So before moving out , i went to them and asked them how long will it take to move out the line from there to here , the employee answered me with a big smile , one week =D , i was:okaaay thats great ! , i did all the steps that had to been done! ..waited for a week..nothing..after 2 days, nothing =/ ! went to them again, i had to do all the paper work again -.- , after 2 days they came and they stayed one week just digging next to our house *to keep the wires in* a distance of 50m -.- , isnt that like too slow :S?! anyway it was all good, things happen *that was i was telling myself* , after that they said they will send a *phone expert* to fix the wiring inside the house, he came, and he looked like over 70 xD and what shocked me is that him telling me * i dont know how to put the wires in these sockets , its new sockets * :/ what am i suppose to do :s ?!, i started playing with the wires for 3 days and after getting shocked and electirfiyed a bit , it worked :/ , oh and my net speed was around 2mb/s , but they told me they only can provide 512kb/s now because the house is away from the nearest omantel internet center :/, so at the end one week became 1 month lol!
It seems i complained alot :p, been a stressful month not being updated with the world, now im waiting for omantel employee's to read this :p After all that , at least we have a company that provides all that =D thanks to that *cough* :p

PS: i heard nawars will open a fixed line soon ..loking forward for that =P

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  1. G-chan says:


    Sheesh, talk about slow service...actually more like BAD service! El muhim you got net access. 2mb/s eh! That must've been awesome =P

    Never play with wires!! Bad bad ck!

    Welcome back honestly! =)

  2. Muggle says:

    Ouch @ shocked and electrocuted XD.

    But yeah, it's no surprise. Omantel sucks :).

    Welcome back!

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