Your health is your life

I was told this pharse over and over through out the years iv lived , honestly at first i didnt believe it , i always thought that health wasnt such an important thing, but as life taught us , you always treasure and know the wroth of something when you lose it, so whenever your sick, you really ask yourself , why am i feeling this way, wish i was healthier and was as the day before xD
So your health is your life because without it you will be sitting in pain and regret all the time, esp if you were once healthy and something daramitc happened to you (allah ma yisma3) , as in lose a leg , AIDS , or any other that can be life-threating to you, thats when most peopel are too late to regret what did they eat/do to try at least to make there self healthy
Sending this to everyone who use to be ignorant like me before and to start taking care of themselves, beacuse we only live once , and some stuff like your health dont ahve secound chances to be fixed all over again ;p

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  1. Rummy says:

    A person who goes throguh a serious illness would only understand how we underestimate what we do to our bodies and souls by neglectign them..!1 I so agree..!!

  2. cK says:

    yea and then realize it when its too late =(

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