Perfection, is it possible? pt.1

Perfectness,i really got interest this topic and made go all deep thinking about it, esp that its like a goal that most people are aiming for; being perfect, perfect spouse and have the perfect life. Perfect is being entirely without flaws, or defects; us being humans , its impossible, why do people aim for it then? I guess it all depends on being nearly-perfect that we see its perfect already. Perfectness can be defined in another way too, individually, perfectness is what the person loves to see and dreamt in front of them. The concept of an over-all perfection in itself has complicated sense in it. It only takes on meaning when we ask the question "perfect for what or who?" In other words, it is a relative concept. Perfect weather for sailing is not the same as perfect weather for ice-skating. When you put a beautiful vase in a table that is fully cleaned and polished, in your eyes its perfect, yes it is because its your opinion and what you love to see, but in others it may be a piece of rubbish and in a wrong place, or when two lovers think of each other perfectly, an outsider might differ. I guess perfectness can be argued as in what an individual sees on his/her own eyes ,and even that ,its hard to be one and satisfy others and mostly yourself.

Our society reinforces perfection. From childhood we learn that being "good" is very important and crucial. We learn that "good" means being quiet, orderly, clean, and disciplined, where being controlled is rewarded. We learn to put our toys away, not to spill our milk, and to scrub our hands clean. The child with the neatest room, cleanest hands, and clothes, gets the gold medal. From early on society to function in the world where being compulsive and perfect pays off. Then comes school,Schools further reinforce these values. We are taught to color within the lines, we are questioned about what happened to the 2% on a 98% quiz . We are asked why we received one "B" in an otherwise straight A report card. That makes it difficult for a child to make a mistake aka perfect to the parent and teachers eyes.

thats my thoughts on it ,its really something to think about, il share more after *thinking* :p

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  1. Rummy says:

    I love what you wrote <3

    I do agree to some extent that society and schoold and our surroundings push us to be perfect, but it is as well human nature in yourself to be perfect. You can notice it when a person gets ready for an outing, the competition between peers to be the best at what they do, even children when they play games and one proves to be the winner. It is human nature to strive for perfection and our surroundings is just another boost to make us feel that way.

  2. cK says:

    true its human nature to try to achieve for perfectness, but what am i wondering is why ?! esp that we know its impossible from its literal meaning

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