Art of Apology Pt.2

I decided to share where i got the ideas of what i wrote earlier, its this poem that made link it with peoples actions:

Is saying sorry such a hard thing to say?

Not apologizing just drifts you away

How long does it take for a person to be true?

If you answer me you'd probably say I have no clue

If you maintain the guilt it eventually kills you inside

Now tell me what's the use to hide?

All you do is build up various fears and thoughts,

If I take an image of your head all you came up to is dots.

Escaping from facts doesn't make you brave,

You become locked up with your thoughts as if you built a cave,

A cave of confusion,

Sounds so much like illusion.

At least confessing makes you a good person,

A person that is strong bright and confident

Saying sorry makes you obedient,

Be the one who can make good subservient.

Life is about how to learn to live and take,

That’s the rules of life that you shouldn’t break.

Am sorry if saying sorry is such a hard thing

I know it dose throw out the worries

Life isn’t hard its made up of easy and simple strings

If you follow them right then joy is what you bring

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