I never understood the concept of twitter, never will, i tried to , but writing a couple of words every few minutes or hours isnt my thing i guess. Even though ALOT and i mean most of the people these days have one, they say its easier than to have a blog and you can write whatever you want in it , i really dont know where to find time to write twitters everyday or whats the purpose o.0 what shocked me today the news of twitter reaching its 10 billionth tweet in 4 years , and doubling that to 20 billion a couple of hours ago , thats like 3 times the population of earth itself of people writing random sentences lol. People get a life =p !

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  1. Rummy says:

    Funny shi2 is when someone tweets that he's taking a crap..!! Now that's epic by its own right hahaha.

    Twitter was never my thing blog seem more alive to me :D

  2. cK says:

    a tweet to crap xD? that proves that people are really bored :p why would we wana know that o.o
    yea blogging all way =D

  3. Twitter isn't all that bad though, you get to meet decent people and stay up to date with your friends.

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