King of speed is Back

The bugatti Veyron crushed the production car land speed record , after its new Super sports version crushed the Ultimate Aero record and passed the 256 mph(412 kph) mark! It stopped at 267mph(430kph), which is absurdly fast xD!
The super sport version uses the same 8.0 16v engine as its father , with a change of 50 kg lighter and bigger turbo & intercoolers to push it up to 1200 hp (+200hp)

Now thats alot of power for a car >.< we barely go 200km on the road , how about over 400 o.O, impressive work from VW and bugatti to reclaim the title, i doubt everyone would dream to test this car, no? ;p
Here is a top gear video where the car was first shown , impressive , enjoy =D

2 Response to King of speed is Back

  1. Rummy says:

    Orgasmic *drools*

  2. Rei says:

    my love <3 MINE

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