Ten Best Airports

i love flying ! who doesn't?! but one of the stuff thats fancy about flying is discovering other places, it mostly starts with the airports, some honestly give u a wth?! look in ur face and never resembles the country, but some are extraordinary, honestly we really need to revamp our airport, its being under construction for ages now waiting for the new one xD
anyway i stumbled at this article that i would share, best ten airports in our current days, iv been to the one in Singapore, its fabulous, enjoy !

1. Singapore Changi Airport
Airport gardens, free tours of Singapore on transits over five hours, spa facilities, plentiful napping areas, live music and fine dining all add up to make Singapore's Changi Airport hard to beat. But the airport's real pi├Ęce de resistance? The use, for just a handful of dollars, of the rooftop swimming pool at Terminal 1's Ambassador Transit Hotel. There is no better way to stretch your legs before a long-haul flight.

2. Seoul Incheon International
Incheon International Airport has plenty to keep the weary traveller entertained. Where else, apart from Incheon's Korean Culture Museum, can you peruse Unesco World-Heritage rated artefacts while you await your boarding call? With rotating exhibitions gracing the main passenger halls and a fragrant pine garden for a moment of contemplation, Incheon actually manages to make international travel a breeze.

3. Hong Kong International Airport
The world's second busiest airport makes for an equally busy stop-over. Experience its 4D Extreme Cinema and fantastic flight simulators at the Aviation Discovery Centre, both in Terminal 2, then play free-of-charge PlayStation or even a quick round of golf at Sky City Nine Eagles Golf Course. With all this on offer, plus frequent exhibitions and in-airport magicians, you are sure to sleep soundly on that red-eye flight home.

4. Munich International Airport
A Lufthansa hub and Germany's second busiest airport, Munich International gets good reviews for its calm, well-organised approach to travel. For last-minute gifts, football fans will enjoy the FC Bayern fan store, offering hundred of soccer-related souvenirs, while for the small people eagerly awaiting your arrival home, pick up Steiff teddy bears at Terminal 2's Vedes toy shop.

5. Kuala Lumpur International Airport
If there is work to be done, Kuala Lumpur International's business centre in the airport's Satellite Building is just the place: with free wifi throughout, its Plaza Premium Lounge also offers a quiet place to work and a range of secretarial services. Once the laptop's powered down, stop in at the nearby Reflexology and Massage centre for a rejuvenating pre-take off treatment.

6. Zurich Airport
If you have time on your hands in Zurich's efficient airport, consider a guided "behind the scenes" tour; otherwise, simply enjoy the friendly service and short distances between gates of this bright, well run Swiss hub.

7. Amsterdam Schipol Airport
The best thing about Schipol Airport is the presence of a branch of Amsterdam's famous, Rembrandt-filled Rijksmuseum, making the perfect Dutch Masters pit-stop. Afterwards, unwind with a Back to Life massage or a pedicure at the Xpres Spa (the first spa to grace a European airport), then sup on champagne and caviar at Bubbles bar, or hole up in cozy Cafe Amsterdam.

8. Beijing Capital International Airport
Asia's busiest airport, Beijing Capital International's immense new Terminal 3 offers free wifi in its cavernous public spaces, designer name shopping options, and a well-recommended Air China business lounge.

9. Auckland International Airport
Sip a local New Zealand wine at the Blue Bar, top up on nori and donburi at Hayama Sushi and pick up a few Kiwi gifts for the folks back home at New Zealand's busiest airport, about 40 minutes by taxi, bus or shuttle from Auckland's city centre.

10. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Sleek, modern and expansive, Bangkok's breezy Suvarnabhumi hosts a slick 600-room Novotel ( with a very pleasant pool, a new 15-minute rail link to the city set to open soon, and a cool, soothing business lounge. Beware, however, the confusing signage, lengthy immigration procedures and potentially long walking-distances between connecting flights.

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  1. Rummy says:

    I've been to the three European ones and true they are amazing <3 Though Schipol would be first just because it's in Holland <3

  2. Giselle says:

    Amsterdam's Airport is AMAZING!! I LOVED IT <3

    Auckland airport...it's okay LoL

  3. cK says:

    ^ loool xD i wana go to hollands airport then =D

    thx for posting :D !

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