Me & Fate

me: can we talk
fate: NO!
me: please?
fate: you wont get any good of it
me: try me
fate: as u wish
me:please tell me?
fate: tell you what?
me: whats next? where are u taking me ?
fate: I cant tell , knowing should be a good reason for u to live
me: but it hurts not to know how things will turn after all we do, dont u think?
fate: yea I do but this is how life should go
me: what do u get from doing this?
fate: teach u lessons in life
me: but I dont wanna learn them
fate: its not an option
me: please tell me!
fate: I'll tell u one thing . u have to work hard for what u want , u have to have HOPE .. its the secret to succeed ! alot of things will try to stop u , u'll fall alot , u have to stand up and keep trying and then I might have no option but letting things go the way u want...
me: ...
fate: u have to prove for me that u r strong enough first

what do you think ? would you want to know ur fate or do u agree with it to be anonymous and learn u lessons in life?!

3 Response to Me & Fate

  1. Rei says:

    wow it's awesome nii-san ^-^
    write more soon

  2. G-chan says:

    Rather not know...cos if I knew I might change it - then that wouldn't be called fate would it?

    To get what you want you gotta work your butt off for it, and determined ^-^

  3. Rummy says:

    Agreed you have to work hard. You'd never know what the future holds.

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