Vain & Pain

One of my poems which i wrote years ago ,

Let me tell you the story of my agony,
and how i turned out to be,
the person i wanted everyone to see.
i used my smiles to hide my tears,
i permitted my soul to be fed by fears,
i would use my problems as an excuse,
u was tied up by a leech and wanted to cut loose.

i allowed myself to live in vain,
having to breathe in the unpredictable pain,
carrying around my shame,
i wish if things would've stayed the same,
keeping it a secret is no longer a choice,
all that's left of it is a little voice.
Who is too afraid to speak of what is true,
a lost soul that hasnt got a clue...

i cant keep this in anymore,
talking about things that have never been said before,
if everyone lived so happily,
i want you to know ,
i write this down with a sigh,
my expectations grew too high,
i wont suffer anymore,
i hope thats clear,
beacuse today my soul dies with me here..

4 Response to Vain & Pain

  1. Nabsj says:

    Nice one, Ck.
    Share more and keep updating =)

  2. G-chan says:


    You're good, so keep writing and sharing please ^_^

  3. TripleTee says:

    holy whack... had no idea we had another good poet here. I love it. the rhyming's great and the way you ended it was perfect. a bit of the rhythm can be improved but over all it's great

  4. cK says:

    thx all xD will try to share more :D

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