Top unanswered questions

Its human nature to be curious, most people more than the others, so the statistics in are giving us the Top ten unanswered questions searched online since the year 2000,it is based on some 1.1 billion queries xD

1. What is the meaning of life?

2. Is there a God?

3. Do blondes have more fun?

4. What is the best diet?

5. Is there anybody out there?

6. Who is the most famous person in the world?

7. What is love?

8. What is the secret to happiness?

9. Did Tony Soprano die?

10. How long will I live?

That gives us a view on what people ask and think these days, some are just bleh , as q9, are just bleh, but most questions are interesting and really deep, something to think about ;p

6 Response to Top unanswered questions

  1. Rummy says:

    OMG look at Q5 *cracks up*

    Well those people are stupid to Google some questions online. Especially those deep spiritual somewhat questions. Everyone has a definition to them and you'd never get a universal answer.
    Btw did Tony Soprano really die? =p

  2. cK says:

    true , some questions though are the ones u keep asking to urself and are the cause of conflict in this world xD i guess q5 was meant in a romantic way :p

    i dunno who is tony soprano a9lan xD LOL

  3. loooooool luv the post....
    q7 is soooo weird and strange how can a person search for the definition of LOVE???
    q10 is hilarious hehehehe :D, whoever search for this question is mentally ammmm .... confused i guess :o
    @ Rummy the end was open no1 knows except the author of the serious, some1 shot him but did he really die? no1 knows.... a5 so disturbing end

  4. Rummy says:

    Yeah I know, the ending is annoying. cK btw Tony Soprano is the main character in The Sopranos series :p

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